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    Give people products they’re already reading about, immediately & contextually.
    Lower CPCs, more engagement, more revenue.

What if we make advertising contextually relevant?

We’ve come to a point with concepts like ad blocking, where consumers are complaining about digital ad experiences.



So the real problem to my mind isn’t too many ads, but too many irrelevant ads and too few useful ads.

You’ve already done all the work.

As a publisher you’ve already done the hard work to get the user engaged with content.

They are already reading about what they’re interested in.

Now let them shop by making the connection between content and product.

Replace ads with products and start making more money.

Engage an already engaged buyer

When a consumer is reading an article about a topic, they are already engaged with the product.

Making they purchase is therefore far easier when content is connected directly to the product.

A simple connection and one with far higher conversion rates.

And far lower cost per acquisition.

Stop advertising

To advertise is to push, which is negative in intent and leads to consumers who don’t want to interact with a brand.

Start shopping

But a consumer that is already researching, reading and exploring is ready for engagement and therefore ready to move though your buying cycle.

5.1% Click Through Rate

With banner blur now common, consumers prefer contextually relevant products. Clicked up to 10x more often.

Simple & effective

Through a great interface and better data optimising your earnings is now possible

Lower CPCs

When giving the reader what they’re already looking for, it means less barrier and lower CPC.

Real time analytics

See in real time what works and what does not, so that you have a readership that comes back, and content that creates sustainable revenue.

Page optimisation insights

With our data you as publisher can ensure that the content you are creating speaks to both your reader and your advertiser without comprising on your content quality.

More engagement

There is a simple line between prospect and sales and that is research. By giving an aligned product to an engaged reader we ensure there is a channel for purchase.

HIgher CTR

A non intrusive, contextually relevant product means a more interested and engaged buyer which results in higher click through rates and better conversion.

Qualified customers

Your customer is more qualified, because they’re already researching what you are selling. Give the customer what they want.

"Its an oddity in Display to see anything higher than 1% CTR. In addition to that, Display is usually a stepping stone in the transactional path, meaning what you spend on display is just awareness, and you spend additional money on standard search advertising that eventually drives the sale. having the sale process built into a display network (indirectly) combines these two steps which is great."
Brett PringleHead of Search @ Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize
"Relecart's product is very enticing for both advertisers and publishers, as it creates value for both. It will change the way we advertise on digital media."
Olivier ChasPPC Specialist & Owner @ Effective Marketing

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