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When joining Relecart you have the opportunity to work with people that understand your industry whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser. Because that’s who built Relecart.

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But a consumer that is already researching, reading and exploring is ready for engagement and therefore ready to move though your buying cycle.

Stop advertising

To advertise is to push, which is negative in intent and leads to consumers who don’t want to interact with a brand.

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We make sure that you have the tools to optimize your revenue, through a combination of seamless integration into existing networks and transfer as well as insights into data catered to your industry.

Our Team

Leon van Dyk

Leon van Dyk


A software engineer with more than 15 years experience developing software in various domains. Holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Ing) degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Charles Copley


Having managed high tech research projects spanning multiple countries and involving multiple government agencies, Charles is our data specialist, combining obscure data points into streamlined decision making.

Rick Harington

Rick Harington


With over 15 years experience tinkering in every facet of the marketing and specifically digital marketing industry, Rick combines a love for tech, data and digital channels to handle our marketing challenges.

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