Engage an already engaged buyer

The difference between Relecart and other Ad Networks is that when they hit your site, they're already qualified.


Your customer is already reading articles related to your product, they are already engaged with your product.


By engaging with the consumer through his or her research phase and silver-traying the products their interested in we have chemistry.


By using a classification index with quality score on all products, we use big data algorithms to ensure that the right product is always shown. Happy reader, happy customer.


Our consumers are already engaged with the product and therefore there is never the annoyance of advertising, just the love of shopping.

Lower average CPC

Products featured within the our Contextual Display Products drive 3x more engagement than traditional display ads.

Did you know contextual works 3 times better?
  • Target specific audiences based on location, demographics, interests and more
  • No new creative needed
  • Import directly from adwords
  • Changes on site? Use an xml or our API
  • Contextual placement = higher conversions

Lower average CPA directly to product

Get featured in content that audiences read and trust related to your products. Our premium publisher partners ensure that the visitors to your site are ready to convert far beyond traditional banner advertising.

Did you know Relecart sees a 34% higher CTR than traditional banners?

Your brand’s products are:

  • placed contextually in the In-text Product keyword within an article
  • highlighted alongside other contextually relevant products
  • optimized for commerce to deliver the highest performance at scale
  • convert your Brand into products and utilize all of that historic Public relations and brand work

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