When your engaged reader is given contextual product

There is only one natural conclusion, and that is action.


Your customer is already reading articles related to your product, they are already engaged with your product.


By engaging with the consumer through his or her research phase and silver-traying the products their interested in we have chemistry.


By using a classification index with quality score on all products, we use big data algorithms to ensure that the right product is always shown. Happy reader, happy customer.


Our consumers are already engaged with the product and therefore there is never the annoyance of advertising, just the love of shopping.

Use the content you already have

By using the content you already have we link the organic and social traffic gathering dust to new and contextually relevant products, adding an additional high earning revenue stream without affecting your existing clients.

Did you know Relecart matches content to product with a 98% efficiency?

We want to ensure the highest click through rates, so that you can make more money. We do that through;

  • indexing each page
  • categorizing each page by it’s IAB category
  • use text based algorithms to summarize the article
  • quality score product by the interaction with it
  • show the right product at the right time

Showcase Your Business or Product

Items featured within the our network drive 3x more engagement than traditional display ads and that is because we make sure that the products your reader sees are relevant and desired. They click through, they’re happy and you make money.

Did you know Relecart runs side by side with your existing revenue streams?

How it works:

  1. Our proprietary technology identifies the context of your content.
  2. We place contextually relevant sponsored products within the In-Text Product and Contextual Display Product options.
  3. Users click product ads to discover and purchase what they want. You make money, and you have happy readers!

Would you like to learn more?

We want to help you get happier readers and make more money while keeping your shareholders happy. Yes we can, so request a demo and let us help.