Why Brands Continue to Invest in Digital Advertising, Despite the Industry’s Many Problems

Dating back to Advertising Week 2016, the last year has been a virtual hail storm for digital advertising, a narrative that started with Facebook’s video metrics troubles, then focused on YouTube’s brand safety issues and was kept on point by Procter & Gamble … Continue Reading

To fight junk data, ad industry eyes “nutritional labeling”

The data behind marketing is often wrong. Now the industry wants to fix it. The ugly truth about the data that drives marketing is that it’s often simply wrong. Procter & Gamble Co.’s Gillette found that out the hard way … Continue Reading

New Data on Why People Hate Ads: Too Many, Too Intrusive, Too Creepy

Advertising is only getting more pervasive, obnoxious, and intrusive. That’s not my personal opinion (though I absolutely agree); that’s the internet speaking. According to recent consumer surveys, digital advertising doesn’t exactly have the best rep. Pop-ups interrupt the browsing experience at every turn. … Continue Reading